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  • Takehiro Hira(平 岳大)

    Takehiro Hira

    Takehiro Hira is an Actor.At the age of 15, he moved to the U.S. by himself to attend high school and college in the United States. After majoring in applied mathematics at Brown University in the U.S., he worked for a general company before making his acting debut in 2002 in the stage production of "The Deer Cry. While working on stage, mainly in Shakespearean plays, he expanded his activities to TV dramas and movies. Currently, he is active mainly in Hollywood movies.
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  • Yuki Ikushima(生島 勇輝)

    Yuki Ikushima

    Yuki Ikushima is an actor. He went to High school in Tokyo Japan, Dover UK and California US. At the age of 19, he Majored in Theater in Tamagawa University and started acting career in "Hayabusa"(2011, starring Ken Watanabe).Mainly work in TV drama and movies, such as Emergency Interrogation Room(2014-2022), The Outsider(2018), Kamen Rider Saber( 2020-2021), Fukushima 50(2020)Currently, he is learning Rakugo.
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  • Sho Ikushima(生島 翔)

    Sho Ikushima

    Sho Ikushima is a Tokyo-based dancer/actor/producer. He is also a researcher at Kyoto University. Sho started dancing at Idyllwild Arts Academy in California at the age of 15 and graduated from NYU Tisch. Sho has won ImPulsTanz danceWEB scholarship in 2009, and moved to Germany to join the State Theater Kassel as a soloist dancer. After coming back to Japan, Sho started to work as an actor, and he starred in Hollywood action film, “Darc”, as Shigeru Kageyama, and “End of Loyalty” as Yukio among many Japanese films and TVs.As a choreographer, Sho has won Best Art Direction Award at SFAAF for “Trinity”. He co-produced his first feature film, “”CROSSPOINT” with Filipino production company High Road Creatives.
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  • Ayuchi Tamura(田村 あゆち)

    Ayuchi Tamura

    News Anchor / Bilingual MC
    Ayuchi Tamura spent her childhood in Australia and studied in the U.S.A.She graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, majoring in cellular and molecular biology, and earned a master’s degree in human genetics from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine.She appears on various TV and radio programs, and also serves as a moderator and bilingual MC for medical symposiums and international conferences.
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  • Marin Akiyama(秋山 真凜)

    Marin Akiyama

    Tokyo based tv personality and sportscaster.Growing up in Fukuoka, Japan she perused her academics in English at an international school. She then went on to study at Sophia University in Tokyo majoring in international business and economics. Marin has learned Korean on her own and has experience working as a media interpreter as well.From a very young age, she has played golf competitively and is now also a TPI certified instructor. Despite her shifts in career, she still focuses her appearance on golf-related shows and tour coverage. Her lowest score is 3 under par. Her father is Koji Akiyama, baseball commentator and former manager of a professional baseball team- Softbank Hawks.
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  • Misako Rocks(ミサコ・ロックス)

    Misako Rocks

    I am a Japanese manga artist who’s published a number of books all over the world. I published a middle grade graphic novels Bounce Back, about a Japanese girl who moves to Brooklyn. Bounce Back was selected to be on the list of 2021 Best Graphic Novels For Children by the American Library Association. No Such Thing as Perfect(Bounce Back 2) will be released in Nov 2023! I was selected as one of outstanding Japanese artists in NY and invited to meet Japanese Prime Minister Abe and the first lady. After that I started appearing on multiple Japanese TV and radio shows. Also, I was featured on the BBC, NHK, NBC TODAY show and more. I collaborated with Playstation to promote Ghostwire: Tokyo.Besides making books, I also teach online manga classes for kids through my online community, Learn Manga with Misako.
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  • Mariko Florentina(真理子 フロレンティーナ)

    Mariko Florentyna

    After skipping a grade, she graduated a prestigious high school called Vossius Gymnasium at 17 years old. She followed a classical education, including Latin and Greek. At the moment she is in her second year doing a psychology bachelor at the University of Amsterdam.Currently she is based in the Netherlands and japan. She speaks Dutch, English and Japanese fluently.
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